Title of window show the name of the unfocused product instead of the one visualized


I’m using the last version of SNAP: 2.0 beta 07.

I just wanted to report a minor visual problem related to the name of the window (displayed on the very top) in SNAP when opening more than one product.

The name of the SNAP window doesn’t show the product I’m visualizing but instead the product that’s unfocused. I think the name of the product visualized (focused) showed should be displayed on top.


Do you experience this also in the final 2.0 version. Beta 07 is two
releases behind. And we did changes to the selection. So it might be
already solved.

I updated to the version here: http://step.esa.int/main/download/ but the same issue still persists.

OK, thanks for reporting this.
I’ve created a ticket in our issue tracker.