TOP SAR interferometre

hi all my friend in this great forum
I need some helpe in those 4 image in inSAR
first one‘b7023695-0c72-417a-95d4-124fdce17b26’)/$value and the second one‘3364cb70-25fa-47a0-896b-2013697af0d2’)/$value
please helpe me to get interferometre between those images

i have specific area
nord est 35.41647, 1.475773
nord ouesr 35.41651, 1.464958
sud 35.41098, 1.483712

some one give me the procedure to RUS copernecus

thanks if some one interested and have good machine help SOS

You can follow the tutorial given here:

This video is even more up to date:

Or do you struggle at a specific point?

I just had a look at your data. The only thing you have to be careful about is the shift in azimuth direction between both images:

Accordingly, when you start with TOPS Coregistration watch out that you select the correct burst numbers. In your case, the bursts between both images are shifted by 3. For example, bursts 1-2 in image 1 correspond to bursts 4-5 in image 2.

Image 1

Image 2

thank you for those information
can i copy my product to other computer or flash disk

Yes, of course. If you copy processed products, make sure you include both the dim file and the data folder.