Topographic Phase Removal COSMO-Skymed

Hi all,
I systematically got the following error when trying to remove the topographic phase of interferograms produced from COSMO-Skymed HImages (the coregistration and interferogram formation work well on the other hand):

Are COSMO-Skymed images supported by the topographic phase removal tool?

Thank you,


maybe no DEM is found for your region.
Where is your data located?
Did you chose DEM AutoDownload?

DEM exists over the area (and it is on auto download), I manage to carry out the topo phase removal on S1 images, but with COSMO it doesn’t even start the process, I directly got this error. That’s why I’m thinking that the tool do not support COSMO images, but I didn’t found a definitive answer on esa’s websites, so I’m still hoping a solution exists… ? :slight_smile:



Have you resolved your problem ?

Because I have the smae one using CSK or ERS data.


Nope, I didn’t find anything new, I suppose that CSK images are just not supported by the topo phase removal tool… You should look into software like DORIS, ROI-PAC or ISCE I suppose.



Dear ABraun. Do you happen to know from where I can get roi-pac software as the openchannelfoundation is down for good. I need to do SBAS and as SNAP doesn’t do it, so I have to look for other alternatives. I tried GMTSAR but it gave me so many errors. I would very much appreciate it if you could help me on this matter.