Topsar deburst -1

I was using the Graph Builder to generate interferogram of a swath, the previous 2 were successful but IW3 failed for the error “TOPSAR Deburst: -1”. What is possibly the reason?

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What are the products you are using and what is the version of the toolbox?

I am using Sentinel-1A TOPSAR SLC IW mode data and SNAP 2.0-beta-06.


data:IW SLC level-1
hi i have a problem when i run TOPSAR Deburst operator, the error is :
type: operator Exception
message: TOPSAR-Deburst: the specified region, if not null, must intersect with the image’s bounds
what should i do in this case
thanks for helping

Are you using the latest version that is Beta 8?

no i use the old one

actually i want to do this exercise

but in the page 16(TOPS Deburst and TOPS merge) tar error is appeared

Please try with Beta 8 as the issue might have been solved already.

thanks but still there is a problem with beta 8.
and also i have a another, question how can i select a small area of large image(tpye:SLC and IW)becuse it is to big and for prosess it needs more time and sometimes with error.

You can split the product into individual bursts and work with them, other ways of subsetting SLC-products is unfortunately not possible.

Hello S1tbx People:

I am also working with IW TOPSAR images and I have found the following “things”

  • If I split the image to only use the IW3 subswath, then the TOPS-Corregistration does not longer works as it requires all the sub-swats in order to work.

For this, then you have to either use the DEM Assisted Coregistration or the Cross-Correlation co-registration. However for this last one, you have to first deburst the IW subswath that you are using, or it wont work because it says it is a SLC product… quite annoying. …

So… which is the best procedure?? which co-registration leads to better results??? Should I deburt and then do Cross-Coregistration in order to it faster??

In reality my question is, is deburstig as a first step affects the next results??? in the case of SCL IW TOPS data. thank you

Hi Daniela: I´m also encountering similar issues and accordingly I am not sure how to order the steps (coregistration, debursting, SLC subsetting not being possible as stated above). Did you find a workaround finally?

I guess it all depends which tool you use. If you use the TOPS, you will have to use the original images, this tool does all the steps, and also lets you select which IW1,IW2 or IW3 you want to use. This tool does a good coregistration but does not give you residual values to assess the results. Just by visual interpretation you can decide whether the coregistration was done correctly.

If you want to get some residuals, then you can use the other tools. If you know where is your AOI you can perhaps first, split the image to get the IW you want, then deburst, and the coregister.

Hope it helps.

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