TOPSAR Interferometry sliceAssembly java.lang.NullPointerException

Hi, all!
I intended to using TOPSAR Slice Coreg Interferogram graph provided by SNAP6.0, however, an error was thrown out when I set ProductSet-Reader.

The used graph is attached as follows:
ASC_InSAR_graph1_sliceAss_IW1_VV_bgd_ESD_Ifg_deb.xml (7.1 KB)

The Sentinel-1 data used are listed as follows:



Is there anyone encountered this problem?
Thanks in advance!

SliceAssembly process needs two inputs at the same date, so your two products.
To process interferometry you have to add another product on another date with the same extent.
I hope my answer will be helpful!

ProductSet-Reader’s 2 products are on the same date:

ProductSet-Reader(2)'s 2 products are on the same date:

Did you mean this?

But when I use the following products, it works well. I don’t know the reason.