TOPSAR Split and Merge with different swaths/bursts

Hi Dear falahfakhri
How can I process the area inside the two subswath (half inside IW1 and half inside IW2)
Thank you, if you tell me your orders.

So have you figured out at which step should we begin merging two subswaths? I have got the same situation too, my study area lies between two sub-swaths of 2 and 3 bursts of Sentinel 1 SLC images. I am afraid scalloping effect would be an issue

according to the predefined graph in the Graph Builder, TOPS Merge comes at the end of all processing steps.


I will try this but I am still skeptical the unwrapping would be a bit too erroneous when performed on a merged sub-swaths after perhaps at least 12 hours processing? I will mention a feedback after completion

If you need such large areas you should consider multi looking to reduce the data volume.
Also unwrapping only works with consistently high coherence, so please don’t expect too much at this spatial scale.

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please , I want to create total interferogram for the three subswaths(IW1,IW2,IW3)to study earthquake I merge deburst interferogram from IW1 and IW2 and IW3 and then I apply (Goldstein Phase Filtering and Geocoding) and every thing is okay

But when export view as Google Earth KMZ the image is not total

looks good to me, although phase quality seems to be degraded in the low lands, probably because of temporal decorrelation. But at least there are no phase jumps along the burst boundaries which is good.

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Thank you ABraun …another question please …how can I calculate vertical and horizontal components of the displacement caused by earthquake in SNAP using relations: