TOPSAR Split & Apply Orbit File GC overhead limit exceeded

Hello. I’m trying to apply topsar split and apply orbit files to a series of S1B SLC images on path 142 frame 44 scenes. I use a custom graph builder and apply it to each scene at different dates because I have quite a lot of images to process. After switching the scene dates with the READ operator a couple of times, i get the error:

NodeID TOPSARSplit(2) GC overhead limit exceeded

It usually goes away if I reload the graph builder again, but this seems quite tedious. I understand as well that I can use Batch processing, but I don’t know how to preserve my filenames as:


where x is the subswaths (IW1 and IW2), y and z are the burst ranges (3 to 6)

If anyone can help me automate this preprocess for a series of images I would be truly grateful.

Please and Thank You!