TOPSAR Split - give me the burst at location X?

As often happens, a certain geographic location can be in one burst for one collect but a different burst for a different collect.

Is there any way to tell TOPSAR Split to give me whatever burst contains a given location/polygon?

I’d like to keep my processing at the Burst level because (as I understand it), some of SNAP’s interferometry/Change Detection algorithms really like to operate on bursts, as opposed to geographic subsets.



We will be implementing soon a way to clip bursts and subswaths based on an AOI.

Thanks Luis! Been a while since I’ve posted here and I’m glad to see you’re still on duty! :slight_smile:


I use attached graph in SNAP to select a burst based on a wkt specified in ${aoi}.
SNAP then selects the correct burst based on the area of interest.



master-split.xml (1.3 KB)

Dear @lveci,

I noted that in the graph processing tool, it is possible to provide a wkt string to automatically determine the bursts to process. it does not however automate the process of swath selection. Do you have any tips/tricks that can aid with automating the subswath selection as well? Please advise