Total number of Sentinel-2 L1-C tiles

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Does anyone know how many Sentinel-2 L1-C tiles there are over the entire Earth ? Also, is there an average weigth for all the L1-C products ? 800 MB or something ?

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Hello Antoine,
Based on a ‘quick and dirty’ search using Notepad++ and a count of the phrase in the Tiling Parameters Grid (TILPAR) the Earth is covered by 56, 688 Tiles. However, the Coverage of the Mission - does not acquire those Tiles that are more than 20Km from land (barring a few exceptions), and the Tiles overlap each other to an increased extent at higher Latitudes. So the answer isn’t as straightforward as I hoped!

In regard to your second question, the Data Products page highlights that L1C Tiles are ~600MB in size.



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the EO Compass developed by Martin Sudmanns might be interesting to you

You can see the number of scenes per granule


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