TRAIN atmospheric correction

I need to apply TRAIN atmospheric correction after StaMPS(1,6) how can I do that? I tried but got an error in load the file phuw.mat

When reporting an issue it is helpful to provide enough detail so others can recognize the problem and easily reproduce it. What was the error?

Note that the TRAIN manual has:

The manual provided with this toolbox is undergoing continuous development. Any feedback is welcomed. Post questions and comments to the TRAIN help forum. In order to post to the forum, you will need to subscribe and provide a small description. The latter is only used to separate spam from actual users. You can search for answered questions without being a member of the group.

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Thank you, I solved it.

Good job!
Can you please share where you have found the solution so others who visit this topic in the future have guidance?

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ifgday_matfile = [pwd ‘ifgday.mat’] : Full file path to the mat file containing the
interferogram dates stored as a matrix with name ifgday and size [n_ifgs 2]. The master image is in the first and slave in the second column respectively. Specify dates a numeric value in YYYYMMDD format.

gacos_datapath = [] The full path to your GACOS processing folder.

UTC_sat = [‘HH:MM’] The UTC time of the satellite pass over your study area. It is specified as a string in a two digit hour and two digit minute format “HH:MM”. A colon needs to be included in between!

demfile = [pwd ‘dummy.dem’]
or = [pwd ‘dummy.grd’] The path to the DEM_file. Few options are included: 1) using a “.grd” file, 2) a DEM_file with corresponding DEM_file.rsc file, 3) a DEM file with DEM_file xml file (isce-like). For option 2 the DEM_file.rsc should contain the associated WIDTH, LENGTH, X_STEP (resolution), Y_STEP(-1*resolution), X_FIRST and Y_FIRST (upper left corner of the DEM), and optional the FORMAT. X and Y refer to longitude and latitude. You can use to make you DEM file.

ll_matfile = [pwd ‘ll.mat’] Full file path of the geo-coordinates, stored in
a matrix with size [n_points 2] and in its
columns the longitude and latitude.

Those parameters are from TRAIN manual. Those directories I still need how to find and/or create because I was only using Train’s default APS linear correction that doesn’t require any auxiliary data other than the exported products from snap’s automated pre-processing. I have requested to join the

long time ago but they still haven’t accepted my request

So, I was hoping if you could help me identify what those data that are required for GACOS atmospheric correction

The last posts in the TRAIN forum were in 2020 for questions that have not been answered, so looks to be abandoned. The GitHub Issues has more recent activity.