TRAIN atmospheric correction

I need to apply TRAIN atmospheric correction after StaMPS(1,6) how can I do that? I tried but got an error in load the file phuw.mat

When reporting an issue it is helpful to provide enough detail so others can recognize the problem and easily reproduce it. What was the error?

Note that the TRAIN manual has:

The manual provided with this toolbox is undergoing continuous development. Any feedback is welcomed. Post questions and comments to the TRAIN help forum. In order to post to the forum, you will need to subscribe and provide a small description. The latter is only used to separate spam from actual users. You can search for answered questions without being a member of the group.

TRAIN support on Goggle Groups

Thank you, I solved it.

Good job!
Can you please share where you have found the solution so others who visit this topic in the future have guidance?

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