Trainning sets of Whishart Supervised classification on Polsarpro

Hello polsarpro guys:
Good morning!
I met a error when running the whishart supervised classification on PolsarPro 5.1.
The specific information is: I selected the sample in the Graphic editor, saved it, and runned it. After the txt file “2021_03_30_08_31_13_wishart_training_areas.txt” was generated, I clicked “run”, an error is reported.

The bmp file I chose for sample selection is a geocoded bmp file, and the path of the file is not the same as the path of the current environment. Where is the problem? and How to solve it?

Looking forward to your reply!
Best regards.

Nb_Tie_Points=0 is included in the txt.

What does this mean? Is it because of this reason that the program will not be exectuted?