Transforming Sentinel images to a different format

I am pretty new to the SNAP toolset, so I apologize for this basic question: how do I transform data in the SAFE format to a format compatible with other softwares, like GeoTiff?

File > Export > choose Format

But be aware that many of those formats cannot store the metadata which is required to process SAR imagery. So it is always a good idea to pre-process the images in SNAP in the BEAM DIMAP format before exporting to a raster format such as GeoTiff in a last step.

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Thank you!

Just to be sure then, if I do not need to process SAR imagery, can I export the product to further process it with a different program? In my case I need do some atmospheric corrections and I haven’t been able to properly install Sen2Cor, so I will do the corrections in QGIS or TerrSet.

exactly. You can stick to the BEAM-DIMAP format and directly open the img-files (in the data folder) into QGIS (after definition of a spatial reference system).

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