Trouble at Interferogram Formation and Coherence Estimation

Hello everyone,

I have little experience of using SNAP, and I am trying to create a DEM. The steps I follow are from this great tutorial: So I applied “S-1 TOPS Split” with the following Processing parameters:
1st product–> IW1, VV, Bursts 2 to 4
2nd product–>IW1, VV, Bursts 5 to 7.
Then I continued with “Apply orbit file”, and then with “S-1 Back Geocoding” and “S-1 Enhanced Spectal Diversity”. This is the result.

Subsequently, I used “Interferogram Formation” operator and the resulting product is this.

Could you please help me to find my error? Because the results do not seem right to me. Thank you very much in advance.

InSAR only works with images acquired from the same track. Here it looks like you have combined ascending and descending so the scenes are not coherent.

Thank you very much for your help!