Trouble configuring snappy

sorry, i attached the wrong error screenshot. yes, I had an issue with an input for sen2cor. I think I´ve read in some other thread there is some issue depending on the products provided L1C in different formats (not sure but soemthing to do with formats or naming conventions). But nonetheless, good to know that the sen2cor is not implemented in snappy.
Then, for automatic processing chains from L1C to vegetation indices or classifications, what to use?
Specially I was thinking of ingesting the code in some kind of engine (google earth engine or if it exists the snap engine) because we need to process many scenes for a large area and temporal series (big data) and we can´t afford to download the whole series nor work locally with them.

So that had nothing to do with my question in this thread. The snappy-conf generates a snappy folder but some files are missing.
The error is this one:

And the snappy folder created:

I can’t see any error.
Which files are you missing?

If you want to process many product you can use gpt from the command line. No need to use python.

I am not sure…really
Maybe SNAP installed in the wrong directory?? Although if so, it went to Program Files automatically. I didn’t change the defaults browsers…
snap_home = C:\Program Files\snap

Not sure what to do next. Or if it is correctly configured, how to start snappy.
I keep reading the and trying…
Thanks for you supportttt

Did you append the snappy path to the system path or moved the snappy folder into the site-packages folder? It’s mentioned at the end of the page you are reading. Also in the output of snappy-conf tool.

Sorry: I am too bad with this stuff…

I’ve copied the whole snappy directory into the anaconda2 directory where the python.exe is.
I am not sure anymore about the python versions I have installed in the computer (python 3.5 or 3.5 and python 2.7). I’ve checked the testdata file is inside the folder.

The other codes I didn’t work. Thanks in advance for your help

By the way, I’ve noticed the cache folder contains the sen2cor toolbox. Its size is 33Gb! Is this normal?
I’m just diving into diretories searching for the python versions. Totally confused now.

Please ask this in a separate thread in the senc2cor category.

If I remember correctly, there was an issue with python 3.5 on Windows.

Your log shows that java was called correctly but the path to the product file is not correct.