Trouble loading Sentinel-2 product in SNAP - Beginner

Hi, first off I’m completely new to remote sensing.

Having followed the Toolbox tutorial, I am able to import my product, open the bands etc… but after selecting a specific band or the option to create RGB image nothing seems to happen… Anybody else had trouble? Am I being too impatient with the large file size?

Probably this is because you are not storing the Sentinel-2 data in a folder close to the root directory of your hard drive.
S2 data products have very long paths and this causes problems on windows.
So you should store the data in C:\S2 or something similar.

If not already done you should update the SNAP modules. For this you can click on the globe on the very bottom right of the screen or go in Tools/plugins

There was a problem loading products with too long path but it should be solved with updated modules.