Trouble using radiance to reflectance function

I am trying to use the Radiance to Reflectance function on SNAP with Sentinel-2, level 1c files that I downloaded off of Sentinel2Look Viewer and the Copernicus open access hub. However, when I use the function, I receive an error message that says “An internal error occurred during the target product initialization. Type: IllegalArgumentException Message: expression: Undefined Symbol ‘quality_flags.invalid’.” I want to be able to save them as NetCDF-CF files, I have the processing parameters at OLCI sensor and RAD_TO_REFL conversion mode. the copy non spectral bands box is unchecked. I am, overall, trying to get surface reflectance from the level 1c files. Is this even the correct function to use? Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

This is not the correct operation for Sentinel-2 data.
OLCI is the Sensor of Sentinel-3 and there for the Rad2Refl doesn’t work. It expects things to be present, like the flag ‘quality_flags.invalid’.
Actually the Sentinel-2 L1C data already contains reflectances.
So you don’t need to perform this at all.