Troubles with GeoTiffs on SNAP


I often work with ArcGIS and SNAP together, so for example producing a layer on ArcGIS and then analysing it on SNAP and vice-versa. All reclassified raster layers produced in ArcGIS come out simply as binary rasters on SNAP, which is really annoying, and rasters I produce on SNAP (for example after running a GLCM) are visualized upside down on Arc.
HELP! Any thoughts?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @annaiob,

Could you share some screenshots of your outputs?


When you load a classified Geotiff image in SNAP, it might look like the image below.

The above classified image, consists of 6 classes but not all of them are shown. What you need to do is to go on the bottom right window and choose the tabular named β€˜color’ (as shown in the image). Then, double click -> add new slider. You can add as many sliders as your number of classes. Finally, you can change the colors of each of your classes. See figure below.

Now, all the classes are available and each class has a different colour.
I do not know if this solves your problem.