Trying to make use of new java operators with snappy

Hi there,

I’m relatively new to SNAP so please excuse if I misunderstood anything obvious.

Here is my problem: A colleague of mine created a fairly complex new operator within the s1tbx. My current project is working with snappy and I want to make use of this operator.

If I understood it correctly, the standard installation of snappy makes the java snap libraries available within the folder
which I then have to add to the PYTHONPATH variable.

After building the java s1tbx (with the new opereator) from the source, what do I have to do to make this new library with the new operator available for snappy or the jpy, respectively? Is that even possible?

For reference: I’m working on a Windows 64bit machine.

I would suggest not to add the operator into s1tbx.
It is better to implement it as a separate project as described here:

Here you can find an operational project, the s2-rut. In the readme it is explained how it can be used.

Well, that is a bit disappointing, but thanks a lot for the ultra fast reply!!