Trying to resample and export to ENVI


I am using Sen2Cor as a plugin within SNAP, and have successfully obtained L2A products. I now need to bring the products into ENVI.

My first step was to resample the product so that all bands are 20m resolution. I set up the resampling as seen below:

After some processing time, this error appears:

I am unsure what the error means or how to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Try this: Save this as Beam Dimap file and open the files inside the *data folder in ENVI, they should be compatible.

If this doesn’t work:
Select the subset tool from the menu, you are then asked to resample, click yes. You are directed to the resampling tool but with the option to create a temporary output (is kind of greyed out). Select 20m and hit OK. This should only take 1 second and a new product appears. Now you can save it permanently.

The suggestion by Andreas might work. However this should not happen.
Which version of SNAP do you use? Have you installed the latest updates?

@ramona_manda can you check this?

Hello. As I understand, the error is coming from the resampling operator. I will try to do the same steps (Sen2Cor, and then resampling) but, if I don’t figure it out, I will need the L2A product that generated the error. Just a check: Marco, do you know if the Resampling operator from SNAP is developed to work on multi-size products?

Its the intention of the Resampling operator to work on multi-resolution product and resample them to a single resolution.
I think the problem is that the GDALProductReader tries to use the path but fails when the written product is opened in SNAP at the end of the processing.