Tutorial and help under construction

Have installed PolSARpro v6.0 on windows for which there are no tutorials or help files. It throws a message saying “Under Construction”. Please help me access them. Thanks

This is intentional and means that no tutorials can be accessed from inside PolSARpro yet. You have to use the ones available here:


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hmm. do we have anything more specific? The above links do not point to anything specific. When clicking the upper left Menu icon, I see “Tutorials” under “Documentation”. But again, nothing specific to get started with Polsarpro. :weary:

I cant even figure out how to find the sample data… or do my first import

have you seen this? SAR Polarimetry: Basics and Advanced Concepts - Prof. Eric Pottier (practical) - YouTube
sample data are here: Polarimetric sample datasets | Institut d'Électronique et des Techniques du numéRique - UMR CNRS 6164