Tutorial on Interferometry analysis

I am new to ESA sentinel data analysis. I am trying to learn the proper use of Interferometry analysis using Sentinel 1 data. I would like to use strip map Interferometry.

I was able to access and download data from Sentinel Data Access Service.

I understand that for interferometry it is necessary to used two or more Level 1 SLC products with the same mode, track, pass, and polarization. I understand how to recognize the parameters using the file naming convention.

Using the SEDAS tool, I selected a site on the map and attempted to download two similar products for Interferometry exercise. I cannot find products with the same mode, track, pass, and polarization data on the SEDAS website. I also do not find too many strip map format products.

I would be externally grateful if someone can direct me to an in-depth tutorial that shows me how to complete all steps and tips necessary to download products for Interferometry analysis.

Thanks in advance for your help.

have you seen these tutorials?

DEM generation with Sentinel-1 - Workflow and challenges

Sentinel-1 Stripmap Interferometry

Interferometry Tutorial with Radarsat-2

Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

InSAR Displacement mapping with ERS data

Thank you ABraun. I thought that I cancelled the question to the forum because I did locate a good tutorial. I really appreciate your response. I made several efforts to seek information but was not familiar with the system I was using the SNAP tutorials. I apologize for not putting more effort before asking forum.

Thanks again.

no problem at all, feel free to ask any questions :+1: