Tutorial requests?

What tutorials you would like to see? Should some of the existing tutorials be updated? Please post your input here.

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As it is often questioned here, a basic workflow for image classification would be helpful to many.

The existing S1 InSAR tutorial is basically fine, but it lacks conversion of the unwrapped phase for DEM creation (perfect example is given here). Many users don’t understand the technical framework but not what are suitable conditions for that (arid climate, less vegetation, same track data, high coherence…). This leads to unrealistic expectations and poor results.

Edit: A new version on DEM generation is now available for

And there is ubsidence measurement with

More interesting to me, but maybe too early, would be a summary of this topic and how S1 and other SAR SLC products have to be prepared for persistent scatterer interferometry. A working example at minimum requirements which encompasses the different contributions in the mentioned topic would be nice because it is getting confusing there.


It would be great if the new tutorials or some of the older ones are spoken by a person and not by a machine voice. I think it is really difficult to follow this machine voice. :slight_smile:


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