Tutorials for Sentinel 3 data with snappy

Hello, I am doing my first steps with snappy. Could you point me to some resources (examples, tutorials) for using it with Sentinel 3 data (level 2 from SLSTR and OLCI)?


For a general exploitation of Sentinel data with snappy you can look into the external resources of the STEP website, there you will find some interactive python tutorial in the form of jupyter notebooks.
New tutorials specifically dedicated to Sentinel3 product will be published in the next few months.


Hi, is there any follow-up on this issue ?
I just started using sentinel 3 and want to play with LST data. I need to crop the downloaded data to my region of interest, to do so I follow the tutorials found here, but I get an error when doing the cropping operation.

Sorry I just realized my issue had already been addressed in this post. I guess I’ll have to wait as well for this problem to be solved !

Oh Joy!!!

Today (like every other day) I just Checked for updates in SNAP and the Sentinel-3 toolbox appeared and it is now working :slight_smile: :smiley: