UAVSAR in snap

Can you add UAVSAR to the list? It has quad pol data and it is free but can not be imported in snap.

It looks like Europe and Canada have made a usable open source software. Maybe our boys at NASA could add some of their missions.

There are no plans to support UAVSAR currently. Since it is airborne there would be special needs to consider for stabilization however, for polarimetric processing it may just need a reader.

PolSARPro supports UAVSAR. I find PolSARPro difficult to use and would prefer that it be supported in SNAP. But at least it is something.

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I’m used to extract polarimetric information of UAVSAR data with PolSARpro… However, I can’t get how to extract the phases of HH, HV and VV.
With other SAR images, I think that this is easy to do with SNAP, but SNAP doesn’t have a reader for UAVSAR.
Do you know some way to extract these info? In SNAP, I tried importing the C3 matrix in PolSARpro format and perfoming a radiometric calibration.

thanks in advance