Umbra SAR image preprocessing

Hello friends on the forum,I’m having a problem with the fit of using snap software,the picture show the problem.This SAR image is Umbra satellite can i fix it ,thanks for everybody.

the image type is TIFF , i do not know why it can not be recongnized

The short answer is at present you cannot. Umbra data and metadata products are distributed in SICD format (specifically Polar Format Algorithm within SICD) that is pretty much not used by anyone outside the defense community. None of the open source tools in the science community typically handles this format. You may have some luck using sarpy to work with this dataset, if you understand SICD terminology. If you are working with a GEC, you can just treat it like any geospatial dataset but you won’t be able to do any SAR related operations on it.

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Thank you .I’ll think of a way again