Unable to compile snap on linux

I am trying to compile snap-engine and desktop 6.0 on linux. But facing following issue:

snap-ui does not seem to jar the class files. Issue being stale object.
This seems to get solved somehow on another machine.

Now after solving all the dependencies, when I reach the last module in snap-desktop,
snap desktop application, it is giving following error:

We could not find org-netbeans-bootstrap among the modules in the appliation. Launcher could not be found.

Just one more thing, I am now compiling it in offline mode with all the repos downloaded from internet to my local repository.

Kindly guide.


In general this should work. Our daily build are running on linux.
But why are you compiling version 6.0? Do you have special needs for it?
Have you checked out a certain tag or branch?
Can you provide the maven output, at least the interesting part?