Unable to find Sentinel 3 images in coda.eumetsat.int from June-July 2017


Hello all,

I am trying to find good level one images from Coda.eumetsat.int from June-July 2017 but I am unable
to get any. Can anyone explain. Does Eumetsat or the coda website removes the images if it gets too old.??

Thank you

Yours Sincerely


Hello Rocktim,

CODA is a rolling archive. It holds the data for one year. This is stated in the user manual (When logged in, click on the question mark in the upper left corner)

The Web Service consists of a rolling archive with http access up to 1 year of data online

If you need older data you can order it via the EUMETSAT Data Centre.


Dear Marpet

Thank you for your answer. I eventually could able to locate
the images in Sentinel 3 Pre ops hub. Maybe I didn’t put my mind into
the rolling archive notice.

Thank you and Wish you a happy new year.