Unable to load NovaSAR-1 metadata in SNAP

Dear all,
I 'm new to SAR processing with SNAP and have attempted loading NovaSAR-1 (metadata. XML) severally without any success. Please, see attached screenshot of error and log file. I will appreciate if anyone can help.

messages.log (103.4 KB)
metadata.xml (158.9 KB)

From your messages.log file you’re using v1.1.0 of the NovaSAR Product Reader. You need to use the latest version, currently 1.2.2. Please uninstall your version, reboot SNAP and let it install the latest version for you and try again,

Thank you. It worked!!

Excellent! :slight_smile:

Hi Everyone,
After NovaSAR-1 50m resolution-ScanSAR (SCD) pre-processing, I noticed strange backscattering values (Min: 36.428 Max: 76.054).
Please, can anyone help with some explanations?