Unable to load Sentinel 2 data with XML file using updated SNAP version 5.0.7


Hi there,

I updated today SNAP to 5.0.7 and S2 Toolbox to 5.0.6 version and since then, I am not able to load Sentinel 2 images with the XML file. I select the XML file, the file is being read but not added to SNAP for processing.

Any help very appreciated.



I use also these versions and don’t experience such a problem.
Can you tell the name of the product you use? Do you see an error message? Maybe a little red sign in the lower right corner. Click on it and you might see an error description.
Also the log file would be helpful. Recreate the error and the go to the menu and cilck on ‘Help->Open Log Directory’.
Please post the messages.log file.


Hi marpet,

thank you for your help,

annexed to this reply your requested info.

When loading SNAP, the little red stop sign appeared and I annexed the error message to this reply.

I also annexed the messages.log file.

You need to know, which Anaconda version I use?


messages.log (68.9 KB)

Thank you for your help, marpet



This is a strange error. Maybe something went wrong during the update.
May I ask you to uninstall and install SNAP again and then do the module updates again.
I hope this will fix already the problem.


Hi marpet,

when unstalling and reinstalling SNAP, do I have to do some additional work with the already installed Sen2cor plugin or the new SNAP installation will work smoothly with the already installed sen2cor plugin? I am saking, because it was quite a headache to install sen2cor and I want to avoid to have that trouble again.



You don’t need to install sen2cor again, just the plugin. And you need to configure the plugin again, but I think this is not the big problem. The sen2core installation can remain the same.


Hi Marpet

thank you for your help. I was able to uninstall and reinstall SNAP and apply succesfully the update. As you said, probably something went wrong during 1st update.

I didn’t have to adjust the sen2cor configuration as the SNAP uninstall process allowed to retain user specific configurations. I only had to install the plugin again and the rest went smoothly.
Thank you again.