Unable to open Landsat 7 imagery

Hello ! I am unable to open the Landsat 7 images that I downloaded from ESA. I tried opening the MTl.txt file by File --> Import --> Optical Sensor --> Landsat --> Landsat (GeoTIFF). But below is the error I get.
Kindly suggest.

Where exactly did you get the data from and in which product level?

@ABraun I downloaded it from Earth explorer (https://earthexplorer.usgs.gov/) and the processing level is 2

Then the source is not ESA :wink:

Please try to load Level-2 data as described here: Opening landsat 8 image

@ABraun Umm …it didn’t work… got the same error again. :confused:

are you sure you downloaded Collection 1 Level 2 data?

@ABraun Apologise , Earlier I meant that both the Processing level and collection_number are 2

LANDSAT_PRODUCT_ID = "LE07_L2SP_146040_20000314_20200918_02_T1"

@ABraun I got it now!
Collection 2 isn’t supported by Snap. I ll try again with collection 1 thank you for the time :slight_smile:

However, can you recommend any workaround to this problem if it exists ?

yes, Collection 2 is currently not supprted, but you can still load the GeoTiff files into SNAP and apply the wavelengths and scaling factors yourself.

But depending on your aim, working with Collection 1 should be sufficient.

Maybe there is some bug. I worked recently with Collection 1 and I was not able to open the MTL.txt file either.I had to open the .TIF and apply the factors. Could somebody check this?

It is confusing.
Collection 1 and 2, Level 1 and 2, ESA and NASA …

I just downloaded one L7 ETM+ Level 1 from ESA.
After unpacking the folder (LS07_RNSG_ETM_GTC_1P_20021002T093551_20021002T093620_018433_0190_0034_F318.TIFF) which contains the MTL file, I was able to open it, by using the MTL file.

And I downloaded a L7 Level1 Collection1 from USGS:
After unpacking this I was also able to open it in SNAP.

Landsat 8 files are still downloading…

Just a side note. In most cases it is better to simply use the Open dialog and not the import. SNAP can usually detect which format shall be opened and which reader ist best suited.

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Just to clarify, I worked with Landsat 8.

Now I have recent Landsat 8 data:

The product LC08_L1TP_125052_20150430_20170409_01_T1.tar.gz from Collection 1 from USGS could be opened.

And finally, I was also able to open the product LC08_L1TP_193036_20210325_20210402_01_T1.tar.gz from ESA

So, I was able to read all 4 flavours of Level 1 data.

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