Unable to open Sentinel-2 product


I am trying to open the Sentinel-2 product but there is an error showing no valid tiles associated with the product. Please help!

Snap 6 can`t open sentinel 2a

how did you import it? Is it Level2A or Level1C?


Hello @sugandh_27

Could you please specify the inofrmation (Level, Orbit, Date etc) of the Product you are having issues with?



S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager


Hello@Jan, I have the question about I can’t open the L2A of the resolution of 20m and 10m, why , please help me , thank you very much




Again - as with my request to @sugandh_27 - I’d need to know the details of the product you’re having issues with. In the MPC/CC, we check L1C and L2A products daily, and I have not had any issues (barring an incomplete download) in opening an L1C or L2A in SNAP 6.0.





This is the product…


I am, however, able to open other datasets such as Radarsat-2 and Sentinel-1.


Hi @sugandh_27
Once I found the product in DHUS, I had no issues in opening the product in SNAP 6.0.
Here’s a screenshot of the 10m Bands composed as RGBs:

And here’s a screenshot of the 20m Bands composed as RGBs:




This is strange. I am re-installed the software but still the same problem.
I have uploaded a small video of the problem. Please have a look.



That’s not a route I’ve used.
If you’re just wanting to open the product to work on it in SNAP, you go File > Open Product > (then navigate to your product Folder) > Open the Folder > Click on the MTD.xml




that’s interesting. I always expected the Import function to be more reliable in terms of metadata and file type recognition. Probably the S2A reader is outdated for some data sets.


Hello Andreas,
Well, that’s the way I’ve always done it - it seems to be the most logical path to me (so many GUIs have ‘File > Open’ pathways). Plus, I’m an old BEAM boy from beyond time, so it sits well with my muscle memory :slight_smile:




Dear Andreas and Jan,

I have just downloaded the file for SciHub and unzipped with 7-Zip.
I confirm that using both of the methods (‘Open’ and ‘Import’) I was able to open the S2B product on SNAP.

In my opinion, @sugandh_27 should update the Sentinel-2 Toolbox Kit Module to the 6.0.1, if the error persists it means that the you should download the file again because it was corrupted during the download or the unzipping.

In addition, I always recommend to download the S2 product from the SciHub.

Best Regards,

Snap 6 can`t open sentinel 2a

Thank you, Jan and Fabrizio!
I was curious and tried it myself as well and can confirm that all three ways work with S2 TBX 6.0.1:

  1. File > Open > select the ZIP file
  2. File > Open > Select MTD_MSIL2A.xml in the unzipped folder
  3. File > Import > Optical Sensors > Sentinel-2 > S2 L2A > Select MTD_MSIL2A.xml

So updating SNAP is always a good idea :slight_smile:


Today, SNAP 6.0 was updated, I don’t know what was installed and after that I can not open product L1C for preprocess with sen2cor.
best regards


did you also install the internal updates?
Menu > Help > Check For Updates