Unable to Orthorectify the Image

Hello Sir,
I was doing Ortho-rectification on ALOS-2 PALSAR data with a multilook value ( i.e azimuth looks=5 and range looks=3). I was able to get the the output till ALOS deskewing.But when i applied Terrain Correction in the deskewed image, i was unable to get the output image.
Kinldy help me to get through this.

ALOS-2 are focused in zero Doppler direction so you don’t need to run ALOS-Deskew. I’m not sure if this is causing your terrain correction problem.

Thank you for your reply.
I went through the same process (Callibiration ->Multilooking ->Speckle filtering ->Terrain Correction) and din’t applied the ALOS deskewing for ALOS-2 orthorectification this time.
But even after the whole process, I’m Getting a whole black patch of image after terrain correction.

Kindly help me to get through this.