Unable to read Radarsat-1 CEOS data


I have 4 Radarsat-1 Ceos Data. I can import 3 of them and open them. However the other one could not open. I received an error mesagge like that.


Would you please to share one identifier name of those couldn’t be opened and from which Products Publication website did you download them,


I get the data from a professor for academic purposes. 4 radarsat data. 2 of them for interferometry and the other 2 for radargrametry. I have imported 3 of them but one of them could not open. Actually I want to read the data at MATLAB. For this reason I used SNAP. I import with the help of SNAP, then I export as geotif and I read at matlab. (3 of them)

In this case you should ask your professor to download it once more,