Unable to search and download data in Copernicus Dataspace Ecosystem?

For the past 10 more days ,I have run into problems of unable to search and download Sentinel data in the Dataspace Ecosystem web site. After I logged into the system and clicked Explore Data/Copernicus Browser, I got this page and wasn’t able to proceed:

In this web page ,it is shown “Please zoom in or search for a location of interest”,but I can’t click and get to the search tab. I have no idea of getting around this problem.

works for me.

What Browser, what OS, which url?
Do you have any browser add-ons that might be interfering?
Can you click the filled pentagon symbol high-right?

I suggest that you open a ticket on the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem Support here:

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Thanks to you for the guidances. May be the default layers setting has changed ( I have noticed the satellite scene tiles are added but in the previous Data Bowser only the common vector layers were added), this might invoke the uncompleted search page and it seems the web page is waiting something to finish. Your suggestion is very timely, I may as well seek for help from the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem Support Help Desk.