Uniting two datasets (Sentinel 2)

Greetings Everyone,

I’m a greenhorn to SNAP, so apologies in advance for my basic problem, or inadequate composition.

I’m in the need of processing some S2 imagery for monitoring change in the extension of urban areas. While scanning through my study area, I discovered that the target city is covered by two products, two separate datasets. I can’t find a way around, how to merge them into one.

I already tried mosaic, multi-sized mosaic, and collocation as well, but the furthest I got was with multi-sized mosaic, where an actual result appeared, however, one half of it became completely black.

Is there a thread to solve this already, then forgive my misplaced question, but I can’t seem to locate it here on the forum.
Any help is highly appreciated, I’m on a tight schedule - my thesis depends on it.

Thanks in advance for any info:


Hi buddy, did you get any way out as of now? Facing kinda same issue as of now.


Dear User,

The proper method to merge 2 Sentinel-2 images is the mosaic. In SNAP 2 mosaicking methods are present: 1) ‘Multi-size mosaic’ module where the resampling is not needed; 2) ‘Mosaic’ that requires a resampling as pre-processing step.
I guess that your error is due to your laptop, could you please specify OS, RAM and available space on your disk? Another point is related to the output format, in fact I would suggest to use the default one BEAM-DIMAP.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further clarification.

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