Unwrapping Small area by Snaphu

Hello All,
I am trying to estimate subsidence of a small area using SNAP and just after I unwrap my image using Snaphu, it ignore the deformation because the area is big and it’s over-smooth the surface.
So I decided to take a small subset and It gave me an error message .

I am sure 100% that is an earth deformation, I think I must to find another way to unwrap the phase change.

Please can anyone share or have an idea or solution to unwrap small area ?

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Is it possible that the deformation is so fast that the phase has been aliased? The bright ring around the deformation looks suspicious…

yes it is looks another phase with a large slope.

here is with another time

did you use MCF or MST? You can edit it directly in the snaphu.conf file and try with the other option. Maybe this preserves this area better.


What is the difference between MCF and MST? Thanks

This is explained in the documentation and the corresponding papers.