unwrapping stack of interferogram

I made a stack of Master and slave images and constructed interferogram for this stack with a single master. Now i have a stack of interferogram with single master image, phase, coherence, intensity, orthorectified lat and lon in the stack and the interferograms. now i want to split the individual interferograms. how can I do it. Actually I am trying to make input for LiCSBAS.

currently, SNAP only supports single master interferograms. If you want to pursue small baseline approaches you have to calculate the interferograms yourself according to the baseline information.

you can technically split the stack but all interferograms will still be referenced to the same master.

I have used a single master image.
how can i split the stack?? any tool in SNAP ??

currently, you cannot split a single-master stack into several pairs
This works: AB-AC-AD-AE… (simply by creating band subsets)
This does not work: AB-BC-AC-BC…