Unwrappıng with SNAPHU on LİNUX

Hello everyone, I am new begining os SNAP. And I am studying on INSAR with sentinel-1 SLC datas. I finished respectively other process. I started to do unwrappıng with SNAPHU on Linux. When is it going to end ? I am waiting for along time. the values(pivots, improvements, treesize) at the bottom of the screen are constantly changing. besides, I wonder , How do I import after unwrapping process? So what are the next steps? I would be glad if you help me.


It looks like you’re working on an image of an very large area. So, it would be better, if you had your images subsetted. In any case, when you SNAPHU process will be done, import it using SNAPHU-import. Define your export file and your choose .hdr file which will be the result of SNAPHU. After that, you can do whatever you want.
I think, that topic would be useful:

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Hi @Tomcater, Thank you so much. Your reply is so helpful to me =)

My pleasure :slight_smile:

1- After import Unwrapping file to SNAPHU(6 files)

2- Unwrap in SNAPHU, in that case (10 flies).

3- Copy it from LINUX ( the folder must be share to you can copy to Windows)to folder which you located other files

4- Go to

5- and continut other steps