Unwrapping with SNAPHU

For the Unwrapping with SNAPHU for the Windows still there are some steps not clear to me, I am wondering whether there is any Video available by SNAP to explain this step better?



maybe you should look though this topic

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Why don’t you ask in the already existing topics? There are plenty of them which can be found using the search function anf chances that someone reads and answers your question are higher.

I made a tutorial on installing and running Snaphu in Windows:

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Dear ABraun,
Kindly assist and help if possible. I wrapped and unwrapped an image but the unwrapped version seems like it is inverted version of the wrapped phase image. I am attaching the original sets and then rotated sets of the same image for your check. Please let me know if there is a mistake.

now I rotated the phase image to match the unwrapped image

Aligned them again to match north south position—

Please let me know

looks fine to me, based on what I see. Rotating is not needed. I however advise to use phase filtering before unwrapping to have clearer patterns.