Unzip sentinel1 data error

As we know, since the end of September, the size of senitnel1 data increases to 7G. I also find that when I try to unzip the kind of data, the warning or error comes out.
I use unzip command on centos system, the error shows “invalid zip file with overlapped components (possible zip bomb)”
So any info or solution for this?

I think the issue is likely due to the large file size. The standard unzip tool on CentOS might struggle with such big files.

You could try alternative unzipping tools that are better equipped to handle large files, such as 7-Zip or even using the ‘jar’ command, which is a part of the Java Development Kit. These tools often have higher tolerances for large file sizes and complex compression methods.

Also, it makes sense to check the integrity of the downloaded file. Sometimes incomplete or corrupted downloads can lead to such errors. Redownloading the file might be worth a try.