Up scale or down scale of the bands

Hi guys,

I have to calculate a vegetation index. It calculates by bands which have different resolution (10m/px and 60 m/px).
Should I lead all bands to a value - 10 m/px or to a value - 60m/px for the best result?

Thank You.

I would say it depends on your use case. Do you need high resolution or a spectrally “correct” result?
If you upsample to 10m you mix values which were aggregated over 60 m² by the sensor with values of 10 m². This might lead to inconsistent results at some edge cases. If you downsample and aggregate the 10 m bands to 60 m it might be spectrally more correct, because all pixels are aggregated over 60 m² even in a different way. But this way you are losing the high resolution. And at the end, the differences are probably not that big. I think people can debate endlessly about the pros and cons and what is the best way. Would be nice to see a comparison.