Updated OLCI test data set

Just to let everybody know. The Sentinel-3 OLCI test data set has been updated. Some files had issues with the flags.
In particular the S3A_OL_2_LRR_* and the S3A_OL_2_WRR_* files.

Unfortunately, the tie-point based geo-coding in the OLCI TDS provoked unwanted results for some functions (e.g., reprojection). To prevent this, we recommend that you create a subset (choose “Raster->Subset” from the menu) and omit the left-most 100 pixels by setting the value for scene start x to 100.

Alternatively, you can use the per-pixel-geocoding. To do so, you need to move to “Tools->Options->S3TBX” and check “Read Sentinel-3 OLCI products with per-pixel geo-coding instead of using tie-points” before opening the product. To assign a per-pixel geo-coding to an already opened product, choose “Tools->Attach Pixel Geo-Coding”.