Updates not working


I have installed SNAP 6.0.0 and now am trying to install updates. But I get an error.
So far I have tried in the GUI and by using:

/usr/local/snap/bin/snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --update-all

In the GUI I get the error:

Not all of the plugins have been successfully downloaded. The server may be unavailable at the moment. Try again later.

In the console:

The command ‘/bin/sh -c /usr/local/snap/bin/snap --nosplash --nogui --modules --update-all’ returned a non-zero code: 33

Kind Regards


It seems that the server was again busy.
Can you try again today?

I was able to download and install the updates now.

Thank you for your reply.

What is the best course of action when encountering these kinds of problems? Just wait for the server to be available again?

Unfortunately, yes. “Try again later” is the only solution.