Usage custom DEM for various operators

I am currently working with the C2RCC operator amongst others, such as IdePix and some preprocessing tools such as reprojection and resampling. Many of these operators use digital elevation models for orthorectification, correction or for other purposes.

The study area i’m dealing with is the Netherlands. Here, we have a country-wide DEM with a resolution of (at least) 5m, which is also quite recent (just a few years ago). Within SNAP, the options exist to select several generic, world-wide DEM’s based on the SRTM or ASTER. The specific problem with that is that their resolution and accuracy is way lower then the national DEM.

Furthermore, I’m detecting anomalies in the west of the Netherlands, where in the recent years, land areas were erected in parts that used to be sea during the aquisition period of especially the SRTM. I need those specific areas to be included.

My question would be, is there any way in which I could let operators use a custom DEM?

I understand that this question was posted quite some time ago. If you have found a way out, wonderful. Just in case if you haven’t - There is an option of ‘External DEM’ in the list of DEMs to choose which lets you upload a DEM of your choice.