Usefull tip to speed up snaphu unwrapping process

Continuing the discussion from Problem in Snaphu Import section:

I had a serious problem on phase unwrapping using snaphu inside cygwin.
at first i wanted to use a complete scene from asar, but unfortunately snaphu stopped with out of memory message.
Even a made a subset smaller than 1/5 of the whole scene but at this time snaphu didn’t complete pocess after 2 days.
Finally I could have successful result by using tile technique of snaphu and increasing processors.
So I decide to discuss this experience with others.
to use snaphu with tiling change snaphu.conf file like this:




I could complete full of a scene for about 5 clock hours.
cpu usage were 25-100 % and physical memory usage were lower than 3 GB.
Any idea is appreciated.

well the specifications of your computer is important. I’m running a xeon processor with 64 gb ram and managed to unwrap a ~ 900mb phase image (i.e. no subset no multilook) in just about an hour. my NPROC is same as yours (4), but tiles are set at 10 x 10.

I tested among different set ups and my two cents is that there is an optimum image size/configuration for different set ups. This should be iterated by the user until you find the best set up (i.e. PC specs). What may work for others may not work for you (Unless your set up is identical of course).

Thank you Ben
my system configuration is very simpler (intel core i5 with 6 GB of physical memory).
Just how about unwrapping quality?