Using Copernicus 90cm Global DEM in snappy


I am working with GRD images. After some preprocessing, I plan to apply terrain correction. As my area of interest is outside of SRTM, so I plan to use ‘Copernicus 90cm Global DEM’ in my python code in jupyter.

I used below:

parameters.put(‘demName’, ‘Copernicus 90cm Global DEM’)

but it did not work and gave me below error.

I do not know what is the problem! Because it works when I use ‘parameters.put(‘demName’, ‘ACE30’)’.

  • How should I use ‘Copernicus 90cm Global DEM’’ in snappy?
  • I am working on glacier and I do not know using high or low resolution DEMs makes a lot of difference in terrain correction or not?


Shouldn’t it be 90m instead of 90cm?

Ohhhh…sorry you are right. Now it works.
Although I expected better result with Copernicus 30m and 90 m in comparison with ACE30 but results over mountain is like below.

you can still try different DEM resampling techniques