Using just required bands and metadata to run Sentinel 2 biophysical processor

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I am trying to write a script to run the biophysical processor to calculate leaf area index using Sentinel 2 images, using the command line interface (GPT) in R. This is already working properly but requires the complete Sentinel 2 tile in .SAFE.

Right now I am using STAC data cubes where the data is not stored in .SAFE but in .tif or .jp2. I am wondering if it is possible to somehow feed the algorithm with just the required data (B3, B4, B5, B6, B7, B8A, B11, B12, view_zenith_mean, view_azimuth_mean, sun_zenith and sun_azimuth) instead of the full tile in .SAFE.

If that is not possible. Is it possible to remove all the non-required bands from the .SAFE file and run the algorithm to save disk space? Or should the file remain unmodified?

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Hi @luribar You can apply Subset operator on the SAFE product to keep only the bands required by the Biophysical operator.

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