Using python

I’m trying to find how to use python in order to analyse EO data using SNAP-functionality.
However, I can’t find any documentation how to access SNAP via python, and what functionality
is available via Python.


Good afternoon Amrit,

I am using Snap/Python (=Snappy). In this post you may find some hints where to start:

I have some scripts which may work (could not evaluate them because of «out-of-memory»-error). If you would like to have some of them for testing then I could give them to you.


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Much obliged Andreas!
I Have made a step closer to being able to use snappy.
Once I’ve made “first contact” , played around a bit myself, I’ll ask for those scripts.
Till that time…I’ll try and NOT get the error message: “No module named snappy” in my python IDE


five minutes later
I got it! Made first contact. Thanks again for the help Andreas.
I got it working by installing the package using the