using snap for Chandrayaan 2 SAR data

I tried using SNAP for preprocessing the data, but it says ‘Source image must be a SAR product’. The files are in .(tif) format and I have converted them into >dim using exporting in SNAP, but the error is coming while doing radiometric calibration.

Also can I use a fully python based environment for the analysis?

My guess is that SNAP cannot understand the metadata of the TIF file. Converting it into BEAM DIMAP format will not restore the information which is already unavailable from the beginning.

Are there any sample products available for testing?

Thanks for the reply. I also think that is the issue. But I don’t know which platform can I use for the processing. PFA the drive link with some data. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Google drive link:

I have never heard of this data. Maybe it is worth contacting the data provider if they suggest a software or package to work with them.

The internal metadata do not contain much information

Thank you for the help.

Hi there
I am new in SAR data processing. I have an Chandrayaan-2 DFSAR SLC L1.1 data scene which was downloaded from ISRO Database. This datset has not coordinate properties, and is having a GCS_Moon_Spheroid reference system, and I want to use this data for Polarimetric classification purposes for target property retrieval. First I must geocode and georeference the dataset. I used SNAP 64.5.0, and tried doing calibration but it shows dataset is not supported. Could you please help me?

I merged both topics in here. Currently, this sensor is not supported by SNAP, but maybe someone has an idea on a work around.

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Thank you so much, I really wish somebody could help.