Using SNAP. From student to more "professional" user

Something a bit light, but made me smile :slight_smile: I wanted to share

When you discover how to use SNAP:

When you use SNAP as a researcher:

Anyway, nice to see SNAP is so versatile in its usage




Nice share Quentin! :slight_smile:

What’s the difference? Are there more options in the “researchers way”?

@geofisue There’s no difference in terms of results. It’s just that little by little, you move from “I need to click on the buttons because I am more confortable with that” to “ok let’s bash script my 5-years time series:slight_smile:

Then you may run into CWL and SNAP (SNAP with CWL - Guide for CWL in Earth Observation) and become FAIR and tap on k8s resources for “faster” time series

Very interesting Fabrice also for the future of SNAP. Do you have pointers to great articles about CWL?

@mengdahl find a couple of papers:

Then we wrote the OGC Best Practice for Earth Observation Application Package (OGC Best Practice for Earth Observation Application Package)